Healthy Families Illinois

Healthy Family Illinois (HFI)

Livingston County Health Department’s HFI program began in 1999 in response to community members’ concerns for child abuse and need for supportive family resources. Since then the program has maintained accreditation through Healthy Families America, with a strong focus on healthy child development and fostering positive parent-child interactions.  

HFI’s mission is to promote child well-being and prevent the abuse & neglect of children through family-focused and empathic support provided in the home. The LCHD is proud to provide this care free of charge to growing Livingston County families.

HFI Benefits

All HFI participants will receive...

  • Supportive in-home visits with a caring & well-trained HFI team member 
  • Fun activities for parent-child development
  • Regular developmental screenings for children
  • Supportive resources, such as children’s care items, children’s books, first aid kits, and more
  • Referrals to additional community supports, such as mental health services and continuing education & career building opportunities 
  • Referrals for substance abuse counseling & smoking cessation


Any Livingston County family with children under the age of five and who are eligible for WIC services may also be eligible for HFI. Priority is given to first-time parents in order to help them learn new skills for fostering healthy parent-child interactions.

Who will visit my home?

We believe strongly that Livingston County parents are most equipped to help support fellow families in the county as they understand best the challenges faced in our area. All HFI team members are long-time residents of Livingston County and experienced parents. Each is well-trained to provide empathetic, non-judgmental care & support to participating HFI families. 

Family Voice!

Both children & parents deserve to be heard with a strong voice. HFI is committed to giving voice to the families they serve. Participating HFI families are encouraged to provide continued feedback throughout their enrollment, as well as complete an annual survey in order to improve program services to better meet the needs of HFI families.  


Services are free.

Healthy Families America Affiliate

Livingston County Health Department's HFI program is a Healthy Families American affiliate.